​a note on the 'harley flash' issue

The 2014-present Harley touring motorcycles have a different audio system than the 2013-earlier bikes.  For any audio upgrades to work properly, one of three things has to be done to the bike:
1.  Install the components you want, and have your Harley dealer flash the bike to recognize and accommodate the new components.  The advantage to this is you can pick and choose components and put together a system you like, but the disadvantage is that the dealer flash is 1) expensive, and 2) likely will not accommodate exactly the load resistance and frequency response you need for the components you installed, so it may end up not sounding good.

2.  "Fool" the bike, by installing an aftermarket speaker to RCA adapter harness, digital sound processor, and load resistors.  Chances are, this is something you either don't want to tackle yourself (and shouldn't) or pay someone to figure out for you.

3.  And this is where we've come to: just install good quality components that are purpose-built so you don't require either a dealer flash or adapter components.   It's cheaper in the long run, and it's just so much easier. 

​So, we present to you the J&M Rokker Extreme Installation Kits, below.   Remember, shipping on these is FREE in Canada.
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