Top Quality LED Lights to light up your ride

There are lots of LED manufacturers out there, maybe too many.   We sampled a lot of them, and found the majority of discount lights to be cheap, poor quality units.    We narrowed down our short list by working only with manufacturers willing to share their technical and engineering test data with us.   Very few, actually, were willing to do that.  Then we sent the engineering reports out to a third-party engineering test center for verification.

The lights we offer to customers are:
  1. DOT, FMVSS, and CMVSS compliant.  That means they are manufactured to standards to which OEM vehicle manufactures are held, including in Canada.     Unfortunately, just because an after-market light has a DOT symbol does not mean it passes the test.  We ensured that our lights do.
  2. These lights are RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) compliant.   Some people say all LEDs interfere with stereos.   This is not true.  Only the cheap ones that are not shielded do so.
  3. These lights have durable cast aluminum housings, not plastic.  
  4. These lights use top quality CREE LED components, and have excellent luminescence. 

You can find cheaper, and people do.   But then they call us when they have problems.

We stand behind these with a 12 month guarantee from the date of purchase.  



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