"Off-the-Shelf Products"

We try to process orders in Canada within 48 hours for orders that are "off the shelf".  These are items that are re-sent to you in manufacturer's packaging that do not require any custom work by us.  If the product is being altered in any way - such as painting or powder-coating, etc - then we will advise you of our expected turn- around at the time of your order.  

Off-the-Shelf orders may often ship the same day if we receive your order before 11:00 AM EST, Monday to Friday.  If you are under time pressure, please tell us at the time of your order and we will do our best to help.  We can try to process more quickly and ship by overnight delivery for an extra charge.   Please realize that during busy periods it may not be possible to rush your order, however much we would like to help you.

Custom Products

We are not just a warehouse that fills boxes.  We are a motorcycle manufacturer, which is why many people prefer to buy from us.  We will take time to advise on options and new products, to consult with you and with manufacturers, shop around for you to get you the newest product or the best price, and generally do things that other online stores just cannot do - like paint or powder coat your products, mount tires, etc.   This all takes time.  Sometimes, we get very busy.  We try our very best to hit every deadline for delivery, and we do our best to provide an accurate estimate to ship time at the time of your order.  

General for All Products

Please understand that we cannot be liable under any circumstances for missed delivery dates that are out of our control, or which may be due to errors or omissions on our part made in good faith.   We are never liable for consequential or special damages, and our liability is limited to refunding the shipping charges that you have paid if the delay is our fault.

Please note, we do not process orders on Saturday or Sunday.  All orders received on the weekend will be processed on Monday.

Orders for larger items, such as frames and engines, or any other part that requires special packaging, such as a pallet, and pick up with a special equipment such as a  lift-gate truck, can take up to 3 days to process for shipping.  There may be extra shipping charges for items that are not specifically marked free shipping.  If in doubt, please contact us.  

If your part is not in stock, we will let you know and give you the option of waiting for it to come in, or we will give you a full refund.

If you order a special-construction part, such as a motorcycle frame, please contact us for a time estimate before you order, as build times can vary depending on the volume of work orders. 

Order Shipping Time

We ship by freight, regular mail, express mail, and courier, mainly UPS, Purolator, and Canpar.  In all cases, we reserve the ability to determine and select the mode of shipping for any given order, in our sole discretion.

We ship mostly by UPS.  However, there are parts of Canada that are remote and may be considered out of service zone  or where it may take longer to reach.  In such cases, we compare the service of different companies.   In such cases, we reserve the right to ship by Purolator or Canada Post, even where our product listing says UPS, and when we do this, it is to better serve our customers.  

We cannot make any representations or guarantees about the time that it will take for your order to reach you.  We will provide you with tracking information so that you can track your shipment.  

Our courier shipping is by Ground service.   If you require a specific mode of shipping, like priority air,  please contact us before you place your order.    We can usually ship by air for a small premium, which is normally just the difference between the cost of ground and air service. 

Also, please note that it may not be possible to accommodate all requests, as heavy items like engines and frames cannot be shipped by air.   

Shipping Charges

We operate a flat-rate shipping policy.  All orders, regardless of size, ship for a flat fee of 

​Exceptions to this include:
  1. Items specifically marked as "Free Shipping" will ship for free
  2. Engines ship for a flat fee of $100
  3. Frames and handlebars are charged at the going rate.  Please contact us for a quote
  4. Engines marked "Free Shipping" ship free to major destinations in Canada.  Out of Area surcharges may apply for remote areas.  Please contact us if you are unsure.

Your Responsibilities

When we send you a package that you ordered from us, it is only fair that you will be able and willing to receive it.   If for any reason, you do not accept a package that you ordered from us, or the shipping company exhausts repeated delivery attempts, this is no fault of ours.  So, we will deduct the cost of return shipping from your refund when your order comes back to us, and we will also deduct a restocking fee.  

 Anti-Fraud Policy

Sadly, some people think that by claiming they 'never received' the package we sent, or they 'never signed for it', they can either get a refund of the order they received or that we will just send a replacement.  In all cases, we rely on the investigation of the shipping company to determine whether a package was actually delivered.  Under no circumstances will we send a replacement of merchandise until the shipping company has completed their investigation.   When the shipping company determines that fraud has occurred, we always cooperate in such actions.


We welcome orders from the United States.

If your part is available at a warehouse in the United States, we can usually arrange to have it shipped to you directly, saving time and expense of shipping across the border.  Please note that because of the administration delays, you may receive your part before we receive the tracking information from the  US warehouse.

If your part is not available at the US warehouse, it will ship by Canada Post/USPS, which is the most economic means of shipping across the border.  Because of customs administration and documentation, US orders are collected once per week.  Please therefore be advised that processing time for US orders may take up to 7 days before your order ships.  

If you do not accept this delay, or any of the shipping quotes we provide, we will refund your order in full. These refunds are processed within 24 hours of the time you advise us that you do not wish to proceed with your order. 


We will ship world-wide.  

Please be advised that not all rates and services are available for all destinations.  We will give you options of ground, air, and express service including cost and estimated delivery times, for you to decide.  If you do not accept any of the options, we will give you a full refund.

 Please be advised that processing times for international orders can be up to 7 days.

If there are any customs duties or taxes payable for your order in your country, you are responsible for these.  We regret that we cannot give you estimates of border duties or taxes in the country where you live.  You may however contact your local authorities to find out this information.


If you would like to receive a shipping quote before you place your order, please give us a call or send us an email.  Please ensure that you give us 2 things: 1) the part number (SKU number)  and 2) your state, city and postal code.  We will get back to you as soon as possible to let you know.

These policies relate equally to orders placed though this website, or orders made by any other means (phone, or email, etc).