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39-409 Red Thunderjet.

The ThunderJet is a jetable, externally mounted third fuel circuit that
improves the performance of 2 circuit carbs such as the Ultima®,
S&S®, Keihin and Bendix. In a performance application, the tuner
generally encounters problems jetting the carb to give good, crisp midrange
response and still have strong top-end power. The answer? The
ThunderJet, a high speed circuit, delivering needed fuel to the engine at
higher rpms (4500 & up).
Engine pulses control ThunderJet’s fuel delivery so that the correct
amount of fuel goes to the engine under all types of conditions.
ThunderJet kits come with complete installation & tuning instructions
and extra jets. Fits butterfly-type, Ultima®, CV, Keihin and Bendix
carbs, and all models of S&S® carburetors. Some machining to the carb
bowl and body is required. This is the cheapest horsepower your dollar
can buy.

For Ultima® R-2, Bendix, and S & S “B” and “E” carburetors.