AQ-MP-5BT Aquatic AV Bluetooth Waterproof Marine Stereo

AQ-MP-5BT Aquatic AV Bluetooth Waterproof Marine Stereo

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If you have a Harley-Davidson motorcycle with an after-market fairing, and NO HAND CONTROLS, but you want a stereo that offers all the same great features of the basic Aquatic AV stereo, consider this nifty marine unit for only $349 with FREE UPS shipping in Canada.

It offers the following features:

  • Bluetooth, MP3, AM/FM, Marine Stereo.
  • Supports Bluetooth and MP3 devices
  • Internal device shelf
  • Device charging via USB
  • Fits most smartphones and media devices including Samsung Galaxy and iPhone 6 Plus
  • FM/AM radio with 30 presets (US & Euro)
  • IP55 Rated, for use in any environment (dry, wet, muddy, damp etc)
  • Rotary Knob Control
  • Removable faceplate
  • Built-in 288W amplifier
  • Connect up to 8x speakers

And again, the same disclaimer: this product is NOT compatible with Harley-Davidson® Motorcycles hand controls. If you have an after-market fairing, this unit has power, ground, and speaker wires to it is very simple to wire up.