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THIS IS THE BIG BAZOOKA! If you want bragging rights, here's the ticket.

​This is a complete package to put as many speakers on a motorcycle as possible, (without cutting holes in stuff):

This is a 9 piece package including:

​​1 x AQ-MT-5UBT-HS Bluetooth stereo

​1 x AQ-SPK6.5-4HB Fairing Speakers (pair)

​1 x ABS Lower Fairings (pair)

1 x 6.5" Speaker Pods for Lower Fairings (pair)

1 x AQ-SPK6.5-4HB Lower Fairing Speakers (pair)

1 x AQ-SPK6.5-4HB Saddlebag Lid Speakers (pair)

1 x ABS Speaker lids (pair)

1 x Adapter rings from 6x9" to 6.5" speakers for use with Aquatic speakers (pair)

This package retails for over $3,000 (unpainted, see below)
Your price: $2,299

Free Shipping!

NOTE: The lower fairings and saddlebag lids are not painted. Need them color matched? No problem! Send us a side cover from your bike, and we'll match the color on both for only $550. Turn-around 7-10 days.