What do your motorcycles start out as?

Our motorcycles start life as lengths of steel. They are CNC bent, laser cut, and TIG welded to form our gorgeous frames.

Don't custom bikes start out as harleys?

Not ours. Our frames are designed from the ground-up. This enables us to design our motorcycles with a flow and proportion that cannot be achieved by retro-fitting a motorcycle designed for another purpose.

How long is your warranty?

Every motorcycle is backed by a comprehensive 12 month unlimited mileage warranty that begins from the day you take delivery of your new machine.

Who can service your motorcycles?

​Any competent V-Twin motorcycle technician can service our motorcycles. When you purchase a new Havoc Motorcycle, we interview local service centers near your home, and we will appoint one as an authorized service center to undertake servicing (your first service is on us) and to undertake any warranty repairs, in the unlikely event that any are required.

There is no dealer near me. Can I buy direct?

Absolutely - it's the only way you can order the motorcycle with your unique combination of finishes and options. We work with specialized motorcycle transport companies in both Canada and the US to deliver your new motorcycle to you .

What is the service schedule like?

We recommend that your motorcycle be serviced every 5,000 miles / 8,000 kilometers. You can see the service schedule here.

How much of your motorcycles is made in north america?

​As much as 90% of our motorcycles are made in North America. This includes the major components like the frame, engine, sheet metal, saddlebags and bodywork, transmission, primary drive, wheels, brake calipers, brake rotors, seats, instruments, audio speakers, hoses and cables. As proud North American craftspeople, we are proud to support the jobs of other skilled USA and Canadian craftspeople.

Can I talk to havoc motorcycles?

Absolutely. Call us toll free at 1-855-694-2862.